Application Hosting

Custom Application Hosting and Development

Given the diversity of web applications on today's very much post-Web-2.0 Internet, we can't offer a simple pricing scheme. What we can offer is our ironclad guarantee that whatever project you wish to develop, Vologon Productions will build it first and foremost to meet your needs, while also conforming to current best practices for security, availability, accessibility, and any regulatory requirements such as HIPAA/HITECH which may apply.
We have helped many businesses across many industries transition from paper forms to secure electronic forms - from problematic on-site servers to seamless VPN experiences - from third-party CRM to streamlined in-house solutions - and much more. If you're considering a custom digital solution for your business, and can't decide between adapting your business to work with an off-the-shelf solution or paying exorbitant rates for a custom application to work with your business, look no further. Contact us today to discuss your needs, and discover what's possible on today's internet!

Common Questions

What sort of solutions can you provide?

We have extensive experience designing, deploying, and perfecting custom-built private label applications such as: HIPAA-compliant Web forms, CRMs, project tracking, and business information management portals.

How much is this going to cost?

Without knowing the specifics of your situation, it's impossible for us to give an estimate. However, we think you will find our rates are lower than you'd expect - especially if you have priced custom application development in the past! Contact us today to discuss your needs and get an estimate for your project - there's no obligation.

Will my business data be safe in your application?

Naturally! We strive for "lightweight" code, but we are comfortable with heavyweight regulations. Vologon Productions has developed successful platforms and applications meeting HIPAA / HITECH, SCORM, and similar specifications for clients in a variety of industries..

Do I own the code for my application once it's complete?

Yes, if you have paid the contracted price for development, the application code belongs to you and you'll be able to host it anywhere you wish, modify it as you see fit, etc. While we offer hosting and maintenance for every application we create, for obvious reasons we cannot guarantee the security, compliance to standards, or ongoing maintenance/support in such circumstances. However, we will not prevent you from using your code however you may like.

Application Hosting