All you require is the customer’s first and last name, their e-mail address or mobile telephone phone number, and the review management system will automatically take care of everything else.

1. Send out a personalized and branded e-mail or SMS text message to your customer requesting their feedback.

2. Your customer then rates your company on a scale of 1 to 10 which generates your Net Promoter Score (NPS) - a key metric used to measure customer satisfaction.

3. Customers who decide to rate your business 7 or better are then redirected to an online form asking them to leave a review for your company on designated third party review sites which are chosen by you; for example, Google, Amazon, Facebook, BBB, or TripAdvisor. Unsatisfied customers that give you rating a 6 or lower are then redirected to an online internal private feedback form, which allows you to then address any problems directly with the customer or staff, and in-turn decreasing the chances of the customer leaving a bad review anywhere else.


Learn how your customers really feel about your business
Receive real direct feedback from your customers and find out how they truly rate your service. If they are not satisfied, you can encourage them to voice their concerns to help you improve your business.
Learn your companies weaknesses and strengths
Honest customer thoughts and opinions allow your business to identify problem areas that need improvement, as well as your companies best service and selling points, while gaining valuable insights into the customers experiences.
You can feature customer's positive feedback on your website
Show off your best customer feedback as testimonials on your site. They will help to create client trust, and add important content for your business. They will also enhance your Google organic search results with gold review stars.
Now you can standout in Google local map packs
Receiving positive reviews on your Google My Business listing will not only help your company stand out from your competitors, it will also increase your click-through-rates and rankings on your website.
Reviews can tell a story about your company
Consistent positive reviews on Google and 3rd party sites tell a good story to new and potential customers about why they should consider using your company over a competitor's company.
Negative reviews can hurt your business
Stop bad customer reviews by connecting with unhappy customers before they leave your company a hurtful review online.


Reputation Builder offers various engaging methods to acquire customer’s feedback and information.
Single or Bulk Email
Manually add one customer email at a time or upload a customer spreadsheet.
SMS / Text
Send customers a SMS text message to request their feedback from their smartphone.
Tablet & iPad Kiosk Mode
Use your tablet or iPad to capture your customer's feedback and information onsite.
5 star rating


These features allow you to gather, evaluate, measure and market feedback from your customers.
Net Promoter Score
Capture your NPS, a powerful data point and business indicator of your customer’s experience.
Customer Testimonials
Capture powerful testimonials from your customers that you can use in your marketing both online and offline.
Testimonial Widget
Embed the widget anywhere on your website to automatically display positive testimonials and turn your website into a review hub.
Survey Questions
Learn even more about your customers and how you can improve their experience by asking important questions.
Online Reviews
Encourage happy customers to review you online at the review sites that are most important to your business; over 40 sites to choose from.


Receive notifications when your customers leave you feedback and reviews. Dive into our advanced reports that are loaded with data, strong visual charts, and customizable views to help you measure your feedback and reputation.
NPS Reporting
We benchmark your Net Promoter Score over time so you can evaluate your improvement and customer service.
Review Monitoring
We monitor online reviews sites like Google, Facebook and more to alert you to new reviews so you can respond.
Performance Reporting
Our reports dashboard offers high level and detailed reporting. You can set-up autodelivery of weekly or monthly reports.
Negative Alerts
Receive email alerts when customers rate you low so you can follow-up directly, and head off any potential negative online reviews.

Reputation Management

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