Why choose us for your web design needs

Made in America by Americans! No outsorcing.
We have our own hosting servers that we maintain in our data center. We maintain our own data center, not just a few servers colocated somewhere else. We're up 99.9% of the time so you can experience your site's full potential around the clock.
We use Open Source CMS software to create your site.
The site is yours and you can take it any where you want!
Our support is top notch!
Most of our competitors may be cheap up-front, however, it’s not cheap over the entire life of your project! If you add up all the features our services offer, you receive a value few other competitors can match. We are a very transparent company. When we build a proposal for a potential client, we always include a full estimated breakdown of just how long the project will take to complete. On average, our prices are at least 25% cheaper than competitors offering the same high standard of design work.
Nothing like ordering a steak but getting chicken. That won’t happen with TBH. We believe you should get what we agreed to without surprises (unless it’s something extra—like a free dessert with that steak). We are clear from the initial proposal to set expectations and ensure success. Each of our projects is structured to be on-time, within budget, and without surprises
We have been in business for more than 15 years
There is absolutely nothing wrong with him helping you design something for fun, but when it comes to real business, leave him out of the deal! We can’t tell you how many times clients have come to us – frustrated out of their minds because someone left them hanging, or produced a website that looks like something a child has produced. Even worse, this so called designer/developer took their money and ran! We are very good at cleaning up the “one man band” disasters. We have taken Clients under our wing, at their wits end, and completely turned their thoughts of the web design industry around! We are a fully staffed business with offices and WE ARE HERE TO STAY.
The most beautiful website in the world is useless if no one ever visits it. Very few website designers concern themselves with search engines. That’s a mistake. The easiest, most cost-effective means of generating traffic is to make your site appealing to search engines. We use sophisticated techniques and proven strategies to ensure you rank high on search engines for your keywords.
Some website design companies want to sell you all sorts of things that you don't need and will never use driving the cost of website design through the roof. We will never sell you anything that you don't want or don't need. Period!
We understand that at times, you may be too busy running your business to worry about maintaining your site. That's why we think our web hosting and maintenance service may be just what you need. With our hands-free approach to web hosting, Managed Hosting, you'll be able to count on us to upload new pictures, put up current season dates, update pricing information, and keep your website running in top condition. Sit back, relax, and know that your site is working tirelessly on your behalf.
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